Monday, October 15, 2007

The Saga of Monkey-Girl Continues

After several days of trying in vain to get on top of the piano bench by herself, Lydia finally succeeded. At first it was just kind of cute. She's so little and the piano is so big and she's just sitting there happily plinking the keys. If she'd left it at that there would be no problem.

But it quickly became wearisome.

I mean, come on Lydia.



Alice Wills Gold said...

C'mon...monkeys can't just sit there plinking piano keys! They have to see if there is anything else that they should know about the piano...what are you going to do now....get rid of the piano until she outgrows climbing? the photo shoot!

phatty mc h. brad said...

hmmm, yes, could be problematic. Nice piano btw!

Katie said...

I love it! She's a child prodigy.