Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Last one about the snow days

By the end of week one we were ready to mix things up a little, so naturally I turned to pinterest. Luckily I had a board of fun things I've been meaning to do with the kids ready and waiting.

First up: paper airplane target practice. This was great, everyone took a lot of time to make their airplanes, even pulling out a book that had been on the shelf retired for awhile to help them make fancy designs. We practiced for awhile, then we made a big score sheet and went for victory. Ben beat us all but sailing through the 1000 point hole three times.

Next up: faces rip art. It was harder to find big faces to rip up than I thought it would be (we don't have many magazines), but we did manage to find enough to make it fun. (Thanks Tiffany for the great idea!)

Finally, the great ABC123 hunt. We each went all over the house in search of things that could pass as a letter or number then snapped up pictures of them. The only rule was you couldn't move things around, you had to find existing characters. At the end of our time limit we gathered in the family room and showed all our photos on the tv. I was really impressed with the kids! I thought they'd have a hard time finding things, but not so! They saw tons of letters and numbers I never would have noticed. Here are just a few of our finds...

It was a great two-weeks worth of snow days. It is kind of nice to get back to the normal routine, but man, that time off was fantastic. Good thing spring break is right around the corner.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Games with kids

So, we didn't spend the whole two weeks outside. We brought the party indoors too.

First up: games. Games are so fun, we never have enough time to play them with the kids like we'd like to. Well sir, we had nothing but time to play games these two weeks! All of them were fun, but telestrations probably made us laugh the most. Afton contributed a great deal to that merriment. Like so...

Here was the word she was supposed to draw: "sunfish." Turns out she mistook the S for an F and thought it said "fun fish."

And naturally drew some fish having fun. Wee!

There was also the time the clue was "telestrations" so I drew our family sitting around the table having a great time playing together.

But what did she think it was?

"People loving a building"

And then she was tasked with drawing a "sheep dog."

Okay, then other kids contributed to this gem, you can see the downward spiral for yourself...


Monday, March 2, 2015

Snow and ice days (and days and days)

Well, who knew we'd get a second winter break this year? We got an ice storm, followed by some snow, then some more snow, then some more snow again, and by the time it was all said and done we'd had a solid two weeks off of school. It was pretty awesome. (Side note: each new day school was canceled I'd see a string of parents on facebook bemoaning the agony of having their kids stuck at home even longer, and they were going crazy and everyone was fighting and they just couldn't wait to send them back to school. It made me feel so lucky that we were just having a great time sleeping in and playing all day. I got sick and tired of the cold and snow by the end, but having the kids home with all other obligations canceled was a gift.)

The first day when we got the ice, all of the trees and things looked like this...

A lot of people lost power, but we got away with just a few flickers throughout the evening.

Then the first snow fell so we layered up and went sledding at the horse farm. The bad news is our two new sleds broke within three runs. The good news is that the fragments of sled still worked pretty well. We tried a pool tube also, which worked great for a couple of runs before it too bit the dust. Maybe next time we'll invest in a little higher quality equipment. The older kids went exploring and found a little frozen pond, which they proceeded to stomp holes in, and naturally one of them ended up in water up to their knees. I won't name names, but that kid still stayed out to play a few more hours after that. Snow is fun.


I took a lame little photo with my phone (below), but it doesn't come EVEN CLOSE to displaying how beautiful the ice-covered trees looked in the sunlight. Diamonds. It literally looked like diamond-covered trees twinkling as far as we could see in every direction.

Coming soon...inside snow-day fun.