Thursday, February 28, 2013

The haps in February

Catching up...
The little girls were cold after church one day. Emma was kind enough to make them this cocoon of warmth. (I think Afton's going for a silly face. It's looks really weird though since you can't really see the finger that she's stretching her mouth open with.)



One afternoon Afton thoughtfully pre-pasted all the kids' toothbrushes.

The kids enjoy a giant chutes and ladders game I used for Primary one Sunday, using stuffed animals and toys as game pieces.

Afton had a double ear infection. She napped for three days in a row, which hasn't happened since she was one year old. Each time when she woke up I'd say something about her falling asleep and she would confusedly reply, "I didn't sleep. I didn't close my eyes at all."

Once recovered, she was back to her new favorite pastime.

Josh's paper about his grandparents: "Grandparents are your mom's and dad's moms and dads. Grandparents are usually really nice. My grandpa is really old. He's about 76 years old. My other grandpa has a little trouble hearing people. If I stay at my grammmie's house she'll always serve waffles for breakfast. My grandma has a little, fun house that's easy to clean up. She owns a lot of land. My grandparents are really nice and don't get angry. I'm glad I have grandparents."
There you have it.

I realize she did not do a very thorough job of washing her hands here, but I just didn't want to interrupt the song. Hygiene lectures will have to wait.