Friday, March 18, 2016

Smoky Mountain Scavenger Hunt

Did you know about this? And you never told me? Shame on you.

So much fun, perfect kick off to our spring break this year.

About a week prior, I had been searching for 1/2 marathons close to the Smokies, and I landed on a page listing upcoming events in that area. Sure enough, there it was: The Great Smoky Mountains Scavenger Hunt. It sounded like a perfect day of exploring one of my favorite places with my favorite people, and it was.

Here's the deal: You pay $50 to sign up your team (it's a fundraiser), but it's totally worth it. #1: so much fun. #2: they feed you dinner at the end. For our family of seven that's a bargain. #3: they also have some pretty sweet door prizes. I think we won over $50 worth of stuff after we ate. Win-win-win.

Thirty-two teams participated this year. At 3:30pm on Friday afternoon, they email you the clues, seventy-three of them. You then have until 4:30 Saturday afternoon to get as many points as you can by answering questions (things like "how many steps up to the old wonderland hotel?"), and taking specific pictures (like "a human pyramid in front of the Roosevelt memorial"). All of these things lead you all over the park, I loved that. When we visit the Smokies we tend to just go to the spot we're going, do what we planned to do, then go back home. We never stay awhile and wander around. Just explore for exploring's sake beyond our planned hike/swim/etc. So we got to visit places we'd never been before, and really get a feel for the layout of the whole thing. I loved it. Have I mentioned that already?

The kids loved it too. We could tell because the whole day they kept talking next year. When we do it next year, let's start Friday night instead of Saturday morning! Next year, let's get up early. Let's stay here overnight.

Lydia got a camera for Christmas last year and was given the honor of being our official team photographer for all of our hunt pictures. Of course, we took many others as well.

American Ninja Husband: he's 40

Scott turned 40 last year. Quite the milestone, but I'm happy to report he still seems like a spry young 20-something in attitude, good looks, and athletic prowess. Here's a perfect example: my gift to him was a day at an American Ninja Warrior training facility down in Atlanta. Since he knows a guy that also turned 40 the same day, I talked to Cally and she gave Conan the same gift. The two of them had a great day of head to head competition with salamander ladders, warp walls, and the like. I requested lots of pictures and footage. He did and it's all awesome. Unfortunately, blogger is a real stinker when it comes to video footage. So I'll leave it with, Scott did awesome. He nailed all of the feats of strength and as I watched all the videos, I felt so glad he's my husband. If he decided to dedicate some time to it, I have no doubt he'd been prime for the show. Here's a picture with their trainer.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ragnar 2015

Catching up months later is totally fun to do.

The weekend before Halloween was Scott's and my fifth Ragnar. Woo boy, that's a lot of Ragnars!

The majority of our team from the past few years had moved away over the summer, so we were pretty bummed about that. Luckily, the Picketts were still in (and we found out later that Erin was pregnant for the race, little stinker didn't even tell us!), and of course Emma was all in. The happy outcome of sadly missing everyone else was that the Farragut team was in a similar predicament, so we joined forces and I got to run with Lisa again! Extra bonus: Ben got Ragnar as his birthday gift this year! He was a very speedy addition! It was great to have both Emma and Ben running with us.

I've put off blogging about it for so long because I STILL haven't made the highlight video. I let it go too long, and now it's hard to get motivated. I finally decided to go ahead and post some pictures, maybe that will get me going.

Here we go Ragnar!