Saturday, July 14, 2007

Melamine and feats of strength

First the melamine. (I just gave away the ending, but oh well.) By some completely random chance I found this plate online that I L-O-V-E-D. I gasped, I thought it was so beautiful and did not wonder if but when and how many I would buy. One for a shelf, or 2-4 for hanging together on the wall? I bookmarked the page and looked at it every day for nearly a week to remind myself how perfect it is. Then I took the time to read the description and noted it was made of melamine. Hmm, what's that, I wondered. I guess most people already know it's plastic. My heart sank, I was not planning to hang plastic on my wall. Now I'm a little torn, get one anyway for the shelf and maybe it'll look fine...or forget it altogether. I'm not excited about it anymore.

Feats of strength. Here's a fun film of Scott bench pressing Josh. Also an image of where Scott got pelted in the gut with a soccer ball at his indoor league game two nights ago. Ouch.


brad b said...

buy-it, buy-it, buy-it!

Stahlemobile said...

That's quite an impressive soccer ball mark.

Those plates would be super cute in glass. Maybe we could lobby for a manufacturing change.