Friday, January 25, 2008

Yeah, it really is that bad.

Powdered milk.
For those of you who grew up on it...'nuff said.
I was one of the fortunate younger kids in our family, meaning by the time I was born, we got our milk at the store. Not from a can/box then mixed in a pitcher. It seems like almost everyone I know drank it regularly at one point or another in their childhood. And everyone hated it. Everyone. I remember having it at a friend's house when I was 10ish and hating it too. So anyway, we do have a big food-storage can of it, which I use mostly for making granola bars and once for hot chocolate mix. The other day we were out of milk. You can see where this is going. We had been out for a day or two and that is a real problem in our house, as we are a family of milk-addicts. We have a four-gallon-a-week habit. (Some time I will tell the funny stories from Scott's childhood about milk, they have to do with over-consumption.) For some reason, a quick trip to the store was just not happening. In desperation Scott mixed up a nice, cool pitcher full of this lovely beverage just to give it a try. He made all of the kids and me try it too. (I can sometimes occassionally once in a while be a picky eater and it drives Scott crazy. "But I've had it before and I hated it." "How old were you?" "Um, about 10." "Doesn't count.") I thought it might not be that bad. Maybe at least tolerable for pouring over cereal. Wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG! No one (not even iron-taste-buds Scott) could manage more than a swallow or two. The legends are true, it really is the worst stuff around. Consider yourself warned.


MBC said...

I don't think I've EVER had powdered milk. I use it to cook sometimes, but I've never wanted to drink milk that badly.

Alice Wills Gold said...

I so hope that I can buy a cow if the world ever goes down the tubes..

Here is a hint, mix it half and half with real can barely taste the difference...or, add a can of evaporated.

I only use powdered milk only for baking...i don't think that they actually expect you to drink it.

That all being said. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU FOR DRINKING IT!!!

Alyssa said...

I can understand the whole addicted-to-milk thing. Runs in our family too. My sister Marin can finish off a gallon every two days on her own. She got in a car wreck once and had to have an x-ray. The nurses took one look at the x-ray and burst out laughing. They had never seen such amazingly strong bones before. They went around showing other doctors and nurses.... Maybe that means you guys won't have to deal with too many broken bones in your family?

The shafers have moved said...

Ha! I don't know this Marin girl, but I want to be like her. I don't even like regular milk, much less the powdered sort. I'm sorry that your family had to go through that - - - really I am.