Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What? Huh? You still haven't posted about Thanksgiving?

Well, no...technically I skipped right over it to the Christmas tree photos. What can I say? I'VE BEEN BUSY. But lest I not blog about a holiday, here are some shots from Thanksgiving lunch at the Cruze's and some videos of the Thanksgiving after-dinner talent show at the Barber's.

[Lydia and Leile get dizzy on the tire swing.]

[Thomas and Rachel]

[Ben can't believe how good the food is]


[The little boys' table.]

[The girl cousins had a whole routine worked out to this 'My Turn on Earth' classic.]

[If you're patient enough to make it to the end of the clip you'll be rewarded with some sweet hula hooping action.]


Alice Wills Gold said...

Lovin the hip action

When did you take all those photos? I didn't even notice...pretty fancy for how pregnant you are...I didn't pull out my camera once.

Loved the pics.

And, I loved the awesome.

DailyFamily said...

What fun!! I love the family traditions. And no one is shy - how great!

Do the grown-ups show their talents too??

brad said...

These talented!

tiff said...

Wow! I can barely get my kids to go up on the stand during the Sacrament Meeting program....

Kudos to the kids!