Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Now for the GOOD consumables...

Graham crackers and icing. This is such a reminiscent little treat for me. Do other people eat this?

When I was growing up, this was what we always did with leftover icing. Like when you only really needed 2/3 of the tub for the birthday cake or something...what are you supposed to do with that last 1/3? Throw it away? Never! Eat it straight out of the tub? Disgusting! Make 3 or 4 cupcakes to spread it on? Ridiculous! There was only one thing to do with that leftover partially-hydrogenated goodness...marry it to some graham crackers. Mmmm. Make little sandwiches or just dip them.

We don't get icing in a tub all that often these days. (We're health-conscious you know, eating our whole wheats and avoiding too much processed food...at least in our day to day snacking.) In fact, I had nearly forgotten about this little taste of heaven. At least it didn't occur to me straight away. But after our little bit of leftover icing (from Emma's party) had been in the fridge for a couple of days I suddenly remembered. And it was all over. The kids and I devoured half a box of graham crackers and most of the icing in one sitting. In the photo above, they are scraping the last bits of icing from the lid. I was dolloping the icing onto it a little at a time, thinking that each serving would be our last. ("just one more. okay, just one more. last little bit. okay, one last little dollop and that's it. the kids will ruin their appetite, it's almost time for dinner. i've got to get these kids out of here so i can have some more.") I know, when I think about what icing in a tub really is, it's completely disgusting. I try not to look at the ingredient list while I'm eating. That might make me naseous. But if I can just take myself back to those happy childhood days when no one cared much about hydrogenation, I can truly enjoy this taste of nostalgia.

President Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday night I kept imagining his homecoming.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Yeah, it really is that bad.

Powdered milk.
For those of you who grew up on it...'nuff said.
I was one of the fortunate younger kids in our family, meaning by the time I was born, we got our milk at the store. Not from a can/box then mixed in a pitcher. It seems like almost everyone I know drank it regularly at one point or another in their childhood. And everyone hated it. Everyone. I remember having it at a friend's house when I was 10ish and hating it too. So anyway, we do have a big food-storage can of it, which I use mostly for making granola bars and once for hot chocolate mix. The other day we were out of milk. You can see where this is going. We had been out for a day or two and that is a real problem in our house, as we are a family of milk-addicts. We have a four-gallon-a-week habit. (Some time I will tell the funny stories from Scott's childhood about milk, they have to do with over-consumption.) For some reason, a quick trip to the store was just not happening. In desperation Scott mixed up a nice, cool pitcher full of this lovely beverage just to give it a try. He made all of the kids and me try it too. (I can sometimes occassionally once in a while be a picky eater and it drives Scott crazy. "But I've had it before and I hated it." "How old were you?" "Um, about 10." "Doesn't count.") I thought it might not be that bad. Maybe at least tolerable for pouring over cereal. Wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG! No one (not even iron-taste-buds Scott) could manage more than a swallow or two. The legends are true, it really is the worst stuff around. Consider yourself warned.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lydia Dancing

Check out our baby's moves. It all started months ago with a simple head bob whenever Lydia would hear music that she particularly dug. Then it progressed to frantic knee bends when she was in a standing position. Her latest rhythmic expression is centered around her little head bopping from side to side.

Emma got this rockin' birthday card that plays a Hannah Montana song when you open it. We all know the words now.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Valentine's Day Cards

My friend Ryan just posted about her brother's line of Valentine's Day cards. They're really cute and funny. Check it out.

Emma's Baptism

That's our girl. Her baptism was wonderful. She shared the special event with her friend, Tara, whose birthday falls just 8 days past Emma's. We were blessed with many friends and family members there to support her. Emma was so excited she couldn't hold still all morning. We truly, truly could not ask for a better daughter.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Emma is Eight

Despite my best efforts she just continues to grow. There are not enough positive adjectives in the entire English language (or Spanish or French or even Italian) to describe our Emma. She is amazing. She is kind, smart, clever, funny, beautiful, compassionate, determined, talented, creative, selfless, earnest, capable, strong and self-motivated to do what is good. She turned eight years old one week ago, on the 10th. She'll be baptised this Saturday.

Last Saturday was her birthday party. She chose "baking" as her theme this year. So seven little friends came over and we made cookie-cutter sugar cookies all together. I was a little bit (pleasantly) surprised at how engaged the girls all remained through adding the ingredients and the first couple of batches of cutting out shapes. After that, most of the party people began breaking off to go play elsewhere, but a few diehards stayed with me rerolling the trimmings till the very end. All in all a very successful fun little girl party. I made the party-favor aprons out of a tablecloth from Target. That was a fun (but time-consuming) endeavor. Check out Dani's look (front row, 2nd from left)...I'm sure she was smiling normally when I said, "three". But those Fake Cruzes have a history of making weird faces at the last minute.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Amy Butler

Because I check Design Mom nearly everyday, I have checked in with A Room Somewhere a bit here lately, and she just posted about the new Amy Butler fabrics. My heart is racing with possibilities.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Someday (not now...but eventually), when we are sure our family is complete, I would really love some wonderful piece of jewelry showcasing our children's names. Probably something silver and handmade (at least those are my current favorites). Like today I was following a few links and ran across these beauties by Lisa Leonard...

I love all of these options.

I also have on my short list this similar piece by Julian and Company...

Friday, January 4, 2008

And finally, the Nativity Pageants...

Photos from the Barber pageant and some film clips from the Cruze pageant. Both were wonderful. Kids get even cuter when they dress up in robes and such.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Sunday before Christmas

I realize it's January now, but I still have a few Christmas posts left to do.

Here are the kiddies right before church on the 23rd. I was trying to get a shot of the four of them by the tree, but Lydia does not follow directions all that well. She kept wanting to get away and come grab the camera. After several attempts we finally 86ed her and got a cute photo of the big three. I kept trying to get a cute one of Lydia by herself because her dress was so adorable, but...you know. That whole sitting still thing is really not her scene.