Friday, February 27, 2009

25 Things

And while we're tagging and everything... (thanks, Laura):

25 Things You've Been DYING to Know About Me

1. This tag came over to the blogosphere from Facebook. Which I am not on. I mean, I went and made a profile once a year or two ago, but haven't been back since. I just don't get it. But apparently the rest of the world does.

2. I can't stand for the sheets and covers to be in a disarray when I'm sleeping. They need to be as neat as when the bed is freshly made. All of the kids are the opposite. Every single night they kick the sheets to the bottom of the bed and sleep with their blanket all twisted and curled around them. It drives me crazy. Who can sleep like that??

3. I really like mowing the lawn.

4. I like swinging on swings. Really tall ones.

5. I can curl my tongue into a clover-shape.

6. I've been pulled over twice (once for speeding, once for running a red light) but no tickets!

7. Foods I did not like growing up but now I love: avocado, red/yellow/orange peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms.

8.I love peeling things. As in skin. I can't resist a blistering sunburn (no matter who it's on). Lemmie at it! Peel, peel, peel. Ahhh.

9. I can't stand wasting. I'm like an old man who grew up during the depression. We recycle everything the center will take. Every time I scrape food into the trashcan (or toss in a banana peel), I long for a composter. I save shoe boxes. I keep every piece of paper that comes our way which is blank on one side (from school, junk mail, etc) for the kids to draw on. They need special permission to use paper that's white on both sides. I reuse the big yogurt containers. But don't call me "green" because that's too trendy. And it's not really true anyway.

10. I love taking excessively long showers. (I guess I can selfishly stand to waste water. See? Not green.)

11. I have absolutely zero rhythm. I've always thought dancing looks like fun, but you will never catch me doing it outside of my own home with the kids. Too embarrassing. Remember that Seinfeld episode with Elaine dancing?

12. I love baking but do not do it as often as I'd like. I feel like I can't unless the kitchen is spotless...which is very rarely the case.

13. I wish I had kept up with piano playing.

14. I am not a patient teacher.

15. I like doing puzzles. To the point that it's almost embarrassing. Back in the day, when I didn't have anything to do on a weekend I'd just sit myself down and tackle a 5000 piece doozy. Good times.

16. I hate throwing up. It's the very worst kind of sick to be. I'd rather take a beating.

17. Foods I did not like as a kid that I now tolerate (but don't like): mustard, cheesecake, chili beans.

18. The last paying job I had was as a mail sorter at BYU. (I liked it.)

19. I never thought I'd be interested in exercise, but over the past couple of years I've become a semi-chronic gym-rat. I've been taking some time off since I was so sick right before Afton was born and of course after Afton was born, but I've started to miss it everyday. I'm ready to get back in the groove.

20. My favorite color is blue.

21. Food I did not like as a kid that I still don't like: pickles, any and all seafood, pies, cobblers, and basically any form of warm/baked fruit.

22. One of my all time favorite sounds is any time we have the baby monitor set up in the hallway upstairs, and Scott and I are downstairs while the kids are all asleep, and we suddenly hear one of them start snoring very loudly.

23. I won second place in a speech contest in 5th grade (it was about American inventions...I chose the Polaroid camera.)

24. I love root beer. And peanut butter M&Ms.

25. I'm having some right now.


kay said...

Lots of good things about you I didn't know! I'm a rootbeer and peanut m&m fan too!

DailyFamily said...

That was fun!

Some of those things I didn't know. and by the way, I hate the sheets and blankets all messed up too. :)

jellostone said...

Hi Sister Cruze! I don't want to take up your time (which I know is precious right now), but I just want you to know how much I look up to/admire/am amazed by/and want to be just like you! Every time I look at your blog I am just blown away. I hope you know what an amazing wife and mother you are! You make me look forward to being a mom someday! If you need a baby-sitter any time or just need a break for a little bit I would be more than happy to help out! And I totally do NOT need money! I love your kids! They are seriously the easiest (and most fun) children to baby-sit.
-Love, Jessica

andrea said...

me too--about the peanut butter m&ms. so good!

joelb said...

i never knew you're favorite color was blue like mine.

also, my youngest has shown a preference for his blue pacifiers.

Mom said...

I actually knew quite a few things on this list, but was quite surprised by other things. We only "think" we know our children. :) I'm going to tell your Dad about your fondness for mowing lawns. He'll be calling you.

Laura Clapp said...

Ha! I love learning this stuff. it is so fun. Oh and i Have to tell you that I asked Kase to come sit in Jr. Primary yesterday while the teachers had training and I helped in the nursery. I wasn't sure if he would enjoy it, but after he came and told me that he had so much fun and his favorite kid is Josh. I knew it would be. how can you resist Josh!

lisa said...

Number 9 cracks me up. You recycle but you don't consider yourself green. You're funny.

Alyssa Rock said...

Nice list!

It's totally cool that you're not really into Facebook. I read Ken Jennings's blog and he recently wrote a a pretty funny blog post about why he's chosen to stay off Facebook. My favorite line: "Facebook is now the eighth largest country on Earth, more populous than Japan or Russia. You like Japan and Russia, don’t you? Don’t you?!?"

Ryan said...

Wow. I had no idea you had such interesting dessert preferences---only can tolerate cheesecake, you hate warm fruit. I do remember your love for the Snickers ice cream bar, however.

Oh, and let's not forget the Big Bopper.

tiff said...

That was so fun to read! I am particular about sheets too. Jake laughs. And pb m&m's are to die for. I want to send you some now.