Thursday, May 28, 2009

Aint no place as great as Dollywood

In lieu of going on vacation this year, we decided to get Dollywood season passes. We've gone twice so far and are very, very pleased with our decision. Especially our second trip when we went together with our good friends, the Christians. Lydia can't stop chattering about how much she loved the piggies, duckies, bumble bees and teacups (where Scott used his super-human strength to spin the kids so super-fast they were laughing too hard to speak).

Everyone enjoyed a leisurely drive in the classic cars. I rode with Lydia and we saw Josh from a distance.

Josh favorite ride is either the scrambler or the Veggie Tales coaster. He never, ever, ever wants to ride Blazing Fury again.

Emma and Ben warmed up with rides like this:

Then they were even so fearless as to go on the Tennessee Tornado, the twisting, upside-down, 70-mph likes of which I was too scared to ride until I was in high school (way too fast for photos).

Afton was a good baby the whole time.


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! I'd say you are going to have one fantastic summer. Emma and Ben are braver than I am. My favoarite picture: the last one of Afton's little feet peeking out of the blanket.

Anonymous said...

Scott's teacup was definitely the fastest one out there.

Do people still make the same old joke about the design of the roller coaster at Dollywood?

The Borden Family said...

Looks like alot of fun. Again, your kids are super brave! And the best part get to go again!

joelb said...

can we get some video of that "good baby" photo?

joelb said...
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Laura Clapp said...

Oh that looks so fun! I must say that I CANNOT ride the Tennessee Tornado. It makes me sick. They are brave little ones!!! :)