Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More getting friendly with local critters

What is it with animals lately? The frog, the raccoon, the books...now this:

This poor crazy little hummingbird came into our garage while the door was up and couldn't figure out how to fly down far enough to get back out. After watching it hummmm all around the ceiling for a few minutes I told the kids to come back in and finish dinner. After eating they ran back out to see if it was still there. At first we thought the answer was no, until I nearly stepped on it right in the middle of the garage floor. It sat there looking around at us and not flying away even when the kids got really close (see it in the bottom photo?). Injured? Sick? Trying to ignore us so we'd leave it alone? I don't know. But definitely alive.

After watching it for a few minutes again I told the kids to come back in and help with clearing the table and doing dishes. After cleaning they ran back out again. It was gone. Poof. Not a trace, not a feather to be seen. Flew back to its loving family? Eaten by a passing neighborhood pet? I don't know. But definitely Josh had many plans on how we could keep that bird, inspired by Dot's brief stay with our family. "Maybe just for a few days..."


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Amazing picture. You even had time to go back for the camera. Tell Josh next time I'll supply the cage, if you'll let him keep the bird-----"...just for a few days."

The Borden Family said...

Happy Tuesday to you, you live in a zoo.... hmmmm.

Ryann said...

I saw a comment on my friend's blog and thought, wow, how awesome that you have an Afton-I have an Aftyn! Super cool!