Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Afton = One

Our baby.
Turned one today.
Recently it occurred to me that she's not really a baby anymore. How can you call her a baby when she walks all over the place and goes up stairs and lets you know what she wants with a combination of signs and specific grunts and objects when you take something away from her and loves to be chased and shoves her older siblings away when they try to hug a parent while said parent is holding her?
We now have another little person around here.
Sometimes when I think about holding Afton-the-newborn-baby I have just the slightest twinge of missing that feeling. But mostly I just feel so happy from watching her grow and learn and change every day.
Last Christmas was extra sweet because we had a fresh new baby to love. This year will be even sweeter because we have one more full-participant in on the fun.
Last Sunday night we went over to the Sextons to celebrate Afton's birthday along with Trey, who hit 17 last week. (How's that for growing up way too fast?)


DailyFamily said...

Happy Birthday cute girl!!

You know, she can still be the baby. My 3 year old will proudly tell you that she is mommy's Bekah Boo Baby. In fact, all of my kids will tell you that they are my babies (the older ones say it not so endearingly, but hey! at least they know)

joelb said...

happy burp day, afton.

and yes she can still be the baby for 2 more years. or 17 years, like in your case :)

Cardell Family said...

She's so cute! Someday we should get our "babies" together. I think they would be great friends.

julie said...

She looks older and bigger in these photos. Love those cruze eyes!

Laura said...

Yay. Happy Birthday sweet Afton!

Erica said...

happy birthday cute afton!

lisa said...

I would like Afton to please stay the baby of the family. No more growing. Who will we all fight over holding?

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Did Afton get our birthday singing message? (clear from Seattle?) Happy B-day, sweet Afton. Wish we could have been there for the celebrating.

Joel, you are right on. Lori, absolutely was the "baby" in our family until she got married, I think. She was still sleeping in in her crib at age about 3 1/2. I just put the side down on the crib, so she could climb in and out more easily. :) Once the baby in a family, always the baby. Here's to the babies in each family!

Brad said...

I thought Lori was still sleeping in the crib at age 17 1/2?