Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trunk-or-Treat / Trick-or-Treat / Outdoor Movie

Lydia really wanted to be a witch and Josh really wanted to be a mummy. That made it an easy decision to go for classic Halloween monsters as our theme this year. October was much more busy than usual, so everybody's costume was literally thrown together a couple of hours before the event. I think we turned out alright, given the last-minute nature of our costuming (except maybe poor Afton...I just felt embarrassed every time I explained that she was a ghost).
Frankenstein and his bride, mummy, ghost, witch, vampire, werewolf

Of course the kids all wanted to mix it up for their trick-or-treating attire on Saturday night. We ended up going to the mall in Maryville, it was the only place we could confirm that was officially offering treats on Saturday. We've never done a mall before, the kids seemed to like it...especially the high-bouncing thing we let them do when they'd filled their plastic pumpkins.
Pinkalicious (blowing dandelion), Lady Bug, Dead Butterfly, demon, lobster

Emma's the one doing flips, Josh is the one closer to the camera, Ben kept his turn on the short side and had already exited his harness.

After the mall, we ended our night by doing something the kids have talked about for years...we projected The Nightmare Before Christmas on to the side of the house and watched it while munching on popcorn and candy, cuddled up in blankets on the hill next to our house. We need to do this again, it worked great and everyone had a great time. P.S. It's really, really hard to get a good shot of an event like this because you know, it's dark.


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Wow, wow, wow. I loved all the costuming for both events. Super! You shouldn't have told us it was thrown together and we'd never know. (the first night)

Emma was very impressive on the high-bouncing thing. It looked like a lot of fun for all of them.

And........last but not least, the movie on the side of the house. What a fun, fun idea. You guys really know how to do Halloween up in a big way. Thanks for sharing.

Alice Wills Gold said...

We have been wanting a projector for a long time for this very purpose.

Maybe next time we will get the message in time to join you.

What fun!

We had a last minute mummy over here too. What am I gonna do with a bunch of leftover strips of material?

joelb said...

cool. i'm a big fan of the classics .... and procrastination!

Laura said...

you guys looked awesome and Afton was an adorable ghost. she can haunt my house anytime!

The Borden Family said...

Fun times! Love the demon lobster.
Next time we can get the glow sticks together and have a better "dark" picture.

Troy said...

Lori, you are looking more like Helena Bonham Carter all the time.

joelb said...

as i'm sure you're well aware, TWDC retains distribution rights to TNBC via its Touchstone Pictures subsidiary. you can send the royalty payment for this screening to me.