Sunday, January 15, 2012

Panda Birthday Party

Despite my best efforts, Emma turned 12 last week. Too old. Her very favorite thing right now is pandas. Panda, panda, all day long. She really took the lead in planning her birthday party. She painted a panda for pinning the tail on, filled a jar with candy to guess the number, and she gave our favorite party game, States, an animal twist (when she had her Harry Potter party a couple of years ago, we played the same game but used villians) . I basically just showed up to make the cupcakes.

Panda or Mickey Mouse? I'll admit it's a bit of a stretch.

Enough pandas for each guest, then the
extras were just chocolate (panda poop?).
We were both stumped for party favors though. I try really hard to steer clear of just a bag of candy but could not come up with anything panda-ish that wouldn't take me a million hours to sew. Luckily the creative genius, Cally, was only a phone call away and she suggested, why not get some mugs at the dollar store and paint them with ceramic paint? So that's exactly, precisely what we did (she did it a long time ago, see here).


Yo Mamma said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Panda Emma! Such a cute party! 12. sheesh. Young Womens?

Laura said...

What a cute party! Emma is so lovely.

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

What a fun party!!! Love all the pictures and I think the Panda cupcakes are just as cute as can be! Did you make the chocolate ones? Love the "looks" of the frosting on them--very professional.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Emma!! Those 12 years went by fast.

Jeanne said...

Happy birthday! I love the mugs-what a great idea!

Jessica said...

What a cute party! Who painted the mug with the panda and green bamboo shoots? That's my favorite.

I'm sure my reasons are totally selfish, but I am so happy that Emma has joined us in Young Women. (And that I haven't turned 18 and left already!) Totally selfish, I know. Thank you for sharing your sweet girl! :)