Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Odyssey - Part 3

And then you know what we did? We drove ourselves all the way to Happy Valley.

Two overall impressions from our trip: I think two and a half weeks was just barely too long. Two weeks would have been perfect. By that time we were starting to long for our own beds and our usual routines. However: each of our wonderful stops was just a little too short in and of itself. Besides San Francisco (for the family reunion) we stayed at each of our destinations for only one day. One day just wasn't enough. We find ourselves now planning to make return trips to each stop and give them the additional time they wanted. We felt this especially in Utah. We had a long list of things we wanted to do and see, people we wanted to visit and simply lacked the time. Our exploring of BYU and Temple Square felt abbreviated and somewhat rushed. Next time, Utah, next time.

But here's what we did do...
Hiked the Y. Shocking fact: in all of our years as students we never once hiked the Y.
What was wrong with us?

Sitting on the Y

Picked up some souvenirs at the BYU bookstore
(there's that Y on the mountain behind us)

Visited Brad's office and sat in one of the classrooms he uses

Temple Square. Our last visit was about five years ago so they didn't remember much. 

There are many fountains around Temple Square and the Conference Center.
Our dutiful children were sure to get wet in every single one of them. 
Tired of the travelogue yet? I'm so sorry...there's still four stops to go...stay tuned.


Laura said...

I hiked the Y the second day I moved out there. I nearly died, so many switch backs and not enough oxygen! Sadly, we've never done it as a family. Next time.
I'm enjoying your adventure! Eager to read the next...

The Borden Family said...

Nothing like planting that seed early...."see how great it is to sit in a desk at BYU?" That room looks like one in the McKay bldg. The campus looked so different. I love that we are not the only ones that couldn't stay dry near the fountains!

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Love, love, love your reporting--keep it coming!

So glad you finally hiked to the Y. I think I did that about 101 times, but then of course, I lived in Provo for 20 years.

Your pictures are beautiful!!

Natalie said...

i'm really enjoying reading all about it. what fun family memories.

joelb said...

that classroom picture is great. your kids look like very well mannered students. not as sure about scott.

Beth said...

LOVE the picture in front of the temple doors!!!