Sunday, October 21, 2012

Corn Maze

We were undaunted by the threatening clouds. We were not dispelled by the sprinkling that started about five minutes away from our destination. We would not be deterred by the soaking cloud burst that started when we were in line to get our wristbands. We had planned it for weeks, driven a long way, Scott had left work early, and by golly, we were going to wait it out.

I'm so glad we did.

The kids enjoyed looking around the gift shop for a few minutes and the pounding rain blew over quickly. The clouds remained, but the rain kindly took leave of the party and we spent the rest of the day getting our corn maze on.

I love this place. We spent the first bit letting everyone run around wild to whichever attractions they wanted.

Running around the hill was their favorite thing.

Funnel fries!

This is the goat that chewed on my ponytail. Jerk.
After awhile we rounded everyone up and went to the mini-maze. Every kid got their own card and we had a race to see who could find the six checkpoints first. We all got stuck on the last one and decided to work together. Lydia was the one who found it at last.

Just as the sun was starting to dim we headed into the big maze. Our plan was to stick together and try to find all of the checkpoints and also the hidden F.S.I. clues (farm scene investigation. One of the animals killed Farmer Joe and we had to figure out who, where and with what--just like the board game Clue). We took turns leading and eventually found them all. We may or may not have resorted to cutting through the corn once or twice when Afton started showing signs that it was just about past her bedtime. She had a good time though. The next day when we were in the car, after a minute of contemplative silence she reminisced, "Remember when we saved Farmer Joe?"


The Borden Family said...

Glad the rain held off. What fun to have clues in the maze! Love that photo of Afton smiling.

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

What a fun post!!! I didn't know that Corn Mazes could be so much fun and have sooooooooooo much to do. What a great adventure! And I love your story-telling, Lori, as always. The photos are just great!! Fun, fun, fun. Just makes me smile - I have to keep going back to read this post one more time.