Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ben is 11...and karate is fun

We've never done a birthday party at a place before, always at home. I like home parties better. They're more creative, personal, and cheaper. But. Awhile back Scott bid on a karate party in a silent auction. He bid $5. And guess what?

Well, for five bucks we'll give it a go. He got to invite a ton of friends and the little girls could participate as well. They played several versions of tag, did an obstacle course, and learned some sweet moves.

Bonus: Ben got to break a board. Double-bonus: he got to keep the outfit, sweet!

Oh yeah, and did I mention cutting his cake with a sword?

Last thing, Ben's cake was another pinterest-inspired success. Easy and he loved it.


tiff said...

What an awesome birthday! I like home grown parties too, but this one is so awesome!!!

And I love your cake! Pinned for future reference....

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Wow!!! Best $5 you ever spent. Looks like a super party and the cake is GREAT. Happy Birthday, Ben. Love you!

joelb said...

smartest dad ever.

and wow that cake looks impressive, it must have taken you all forever to place all those little sprinkles.