Friday, January 18, 2013

The snow post

Oh, how I love snow days. Yesterday the rain, which had been berating us for nearly a week straight, finally did something nice and turned over to snow. Fast and heavy, it dumped on us for a few hours before calling it quits. While I made dinner the kids dashed in and out, changing out wet socks for dry ones, warming their hands over the heat vent for just a moment, deciding they were done for the evening then changing their minds and heading back out so as not to miss any of the fun, and fully surrendered to the joy of snowfall. When it got dark we called everyone in for good, had a warm dinner, then snuggled by the fire to watch a movie together. Perfection.

I love the fact that Knoxville shuts down for a few inches of snow. Nothing beats the cozy feeling of getting snowed in--we're all together, any prior obligations have been canceled, no one needs to wake up early for school, so let's just have fun and relax and be together.

In the morning, we put the still-wet coats and mittens in the dryer and layered ourselves up for more fun. It was good that we did, because by lunch time the winter wonderland was starting to melt.

It was nice while it lasted.


joelb said...

great post.

The Borden Family said...

Love that last black and white shot! My sentiments exactly about the excuse to stay home and be together.

Jessica said...

This post and the previous one about Emma's recent entrance into the teenage years made me think back to when I was her age. And it made me homesick, and teary. Those years are still so, so vivid. I hope so much for Emma that she continues to flourish and blossom! She's such a remarkable girl.

I hope I can create that kind of goodness, love, unity, and charity (that your amazing kiddos always exhibit) in a family of my own. You guys really are super, like, for real. :')

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

I LOVE SNOW!!! From the pix, it looks like you guys (a few miles east of us) got more snow than we did. The pix are great!! Those pix would make a good postage stamp. :)

What a perfect day for ya'll. Yes, snow days are great!!! So glad yours turned out perfect.

Mr. and Mrs. Pike said...

such cute shots of your kids!