Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oak Island 2013

The beach. It never gets less awesome.

A big shout out to our favorite Sextons for inviting us back for a week at paradise. It was sad not having Trey and Allie there this time. It was nice not having any kids in diapers this time. Everyone's growing up, I suppose...

Highlights included game tournaments every night (and actually winning some--woo!), outdoor games with the kids, dinners out, dinners in, rocking out, fireworks, and of course crab hunting after dark. We took the little girls along this time, thinking they were old enough to enjoy it. Lydia started out timid, but warmed up quickly and was even brave enough to carry the big bucket full of big crabs. Afton started out terrified, stayed terrified, and finished off asleep. Oh well, maybe next time.

Guess what we even did this year? You're right--we totally made a music video.

Don't worry, I took a billion photos too.

A special thank you to pinterest for inspiring Emma to set up this Hulk Smash series.

photo cred: Lisa


lisa said...

You did it! I love it! Great job Lori, now I will expect it every time :) I love the action shot in the waves of Josh too! Well done sis

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Wow, wow,wow!!! Super great job, Lori. I love it. And for some reason it brought these big happy tears to my eyes!! Love those kids; love to see them having so much fun! What a great summer memory. What talented grandchildren I have. :)

Troy said...

I love that Lord-of-the-Flies ritual thing the kids are doing around those rings. Looks like fun!