Saturday, October 12, 2013

Virginia Creeper Trail at last

Somehow we never made it to the Creeper last year. I don't know what happened. We meant to and meant to and then it was winter. We finally got our act together a couple of Fridays ago and made up for all that lost time. It was Lydia's first go on her own bike and Afton's first try on the tag-a-long.

Lydia was confident and proud to be riding on her own. Even a little fall/scraped knee didn't deter her. However, near the end of our ride she was heard complaining about her sore bum quite a bit. Can't blame her there.

Afton went through three distinct and intense phases along the 17 miles. Phase one: fear. She was nothing but nerves starting out with a white knuckle grip on the handle bars. "Dad, be really careful. Dad, don't get too close to that cliff! Dad, slow down please." Phase two: elation. Not just happiness or enjoyment--pure euphoria. For many miles she was non-stop whooping and shouting and laughing while showing off tricks like sticking her legs out to the sides and holding on with one hand. "Wooooo! Look! Look at me now! This is awesome! This is the best day ever!" Phase three: over it. The last bit she was bored and uncomfortable. "How much longer? Can I just walk some? I didn't know it would be like this." Each phase made me smile.

The three big kids (Creeper veterans) were happy anticipating their favorite parts (the playground, the boulder, the field). They raced a little, encouraged Lydia, and put up with stopping for photos whenever I asked (it's tricky trying to click with an iphone while riding a bike).

We love you Creeper.


Alice Wills Gold said...

We need a ride along for Caroline

So wish we would have done this while out there but I can't complain when I have a trail as beautiful to ride on every day! :)

Troy said...

ah... Virginia Creeper. i miss you.