Saturday, December 7, 2013

Heart-shaped Bokeh harder than it looks. Having all the Christmas lights up seems like a good reason to give the heart-shaped bokeh I've seen around pinterest a try. It took much more trial and error with focus, lighting, distance between camera/subject/lights, etc than I anticipated. I still don't feel like I got anything really awesome, but it was still fun, and the kids thought it was really cool.

First, I experimented with some Christmas decor Afton made last year. I call this one "Pinecones in love." 

Everything is really grainy because I put my ISO up as high as it would go...I might try lowering it
for this trick sometime.

Not really heart-y enough. Hmmm.

Best hearts of the night when I didn't worry about having a subject.

Sort of heart-ish.

I think I got a better camera/subject/lights distance going here.

Much more heart-y.


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Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

I have no idea what Bokeh is, but I sure liked the pictures. Very pretty girls in all of them, and the hearts are pretty. Tell me sometime about how the "hearts" work. :)