Friday, February 28, 2014

Did I mention we had another round of snow days?

This time it was for real. Like the kind of snow I remember from my childhood but has been scarce this last decade or so. The snow started coming down on a Wednesday evening, heavy and wet. It kept on falling all night and into the morning. By the time we were up on Thursday, bundled and ready to play we had about six inches of perfect snow. Packable, buildable, sledable white gold. And unlike the last few snowfalls we've had, the temperature was well above freezing so we could actually stay out for a long time without risking hypothermia. It was so sunny and warmish that within fifteen minutes most of us had shed our coats and hats. We stayed out the better part of the day, finally dragging in when we were hungry from missing lunch. It was so satisfying and wonderful.

Wednesday night. We stepped out onto the porch to enjoy the profound silence of snow fall. Oh, this is going to be good.

The first order of business: snowmen. We were a little overzealous and ended up with six huge snowballs, about half of which were too heavy to lift up for stacking.

So we managed to get this one up and standing...

...but decided he would be a mean snowman pushing down his bigger friend...

...seen here. The little girls dubbed them David and Goliath.

A few of the neighbors were over and Scott led them in an epic snowbattle.

Then we trekked over the the horse farm next to our neighborhood where they have a perfect sledding hill. And, bonus: horses.

At last Afton was getting weepy because she was "so tired of walking back up that big hill,"so I headed home with the younger set, only to receive a text along the way from a friend who had just run into Emma and Ben there at the horse farm and invited them along with their kids to meet up with some other friends for further snow fun at a local cemetery. (Who knew people have snow fun at the cemetery? But I guess they do, reports were it was bustling.)

By the time we went in, the warm sun had melted a lot of our wonderland already. The roads were completely clear, and life seemed to go quickly back to normal. I was so glad we took the time to revel in one last snowfall. Maybe next year we'll get another good one like this, till then, we are ready for spring.

Here's two and a half minutes of snowball fighting and sledding to tide us over till next year (watch for Afton eating snow down on all fours during the snowball fight)...


julie said...

What a great sledding hill!! Good memories!!

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

FANTASTIC pictures!!! It all sounds and looks like sooooooooo much fun!!! Just perfect - just the way winter was meant to be.