Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Games with kids

So, we didn't spend the whole two weeks outside. We brought the party indoors too.

First up: games. Games are so fun, we never have enough time to play them with the kids like we'd like to. Well sir, we had nothing but time to play games these two weeks! All of them were fun, but telestrations probably made us laugh the most. Afton contributed a great deal to that merriment. Like so...

Here was the word she was supposed to draw: "sunfish." Turns out she mistook the S for an F and thought it said "fun fish."

And naturally drew some fish having fun. Wee!

There was also the time the clue was "telestrations" so I drew our family sitting around the table having a great time playing together.

But what did she think it was?

"People loving a building"

And then she was tasked with drawing a "sheep dog."

Okay, then other kids contributed to this gem, you can see the downward spiral for yourself...


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