Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Trey got married

And boy are we glad! His sweet wife Moe is wonderful, we have loved getting to know her, she's such a great addition to the family.

Trey and Moe got married in the Salt Lake City Utah temple. It was a great excuse for Scott and I to make a quick trip to Utah and spend time with family. As we boarded our plane we realized two things: it had been awhile since just the two of us had a getaway (not counting church things we've chaperoned), and I had not flown on an airplane since Lydia was a baby. We really loved having so much time to be together without work and day-to-day obligations cramping our style.

We stayed with Brad and Susan (thanks for the hospitality!), and it was so much fun hanging out with them and Andrew and Sammy. On our way there, we stopped by Wymount and BYU. There was a crazy amount of things on and around campus that were different. We were sad about some of the things that had been torn down (DT!), but impressed with the new buildings, and sometimes frustrated that we couldn't even remember how something had looked before. We were relieved however to find our old quad at Wymount was still intact.

Wondering if the current residents of apartment 88 were looking out the peephole
and wondering who the weird old people were.

On campus we found Brad and went by his office. Bonus: two Emmys! 

Then we walked through the Wilk and there was some kind of donor dinner going on. Bonus: two apostles!

Brad also took us to the Chocolate, where we had our first (but not our last) cazookie. 

Most of the rest of the weekend was full of wedding festivities. We loved getting to meet Moe's family, and spend time with The Lehi Barber (now living in Salt Lake City) (and whose boys are so big it almost made me want to cry) and Troy and Dan who had flown in.

I didn't take any pictures at the wedding or reception or luncheon, etc, but they were all lovely and there was a nice photographer there getting plenty of snaps of everything going on, so probably Lisa will share those soon.

We had one free morning that we spent hiking Stewart Falls with the fam. It was fun and kind of weird because it was just different enough from all the Smoky Mountain hikes we enjoy to be disorienting. Plus, not having our kids with us on a hike felt off.

But I did take a few of pictures of that.

Here's a shot of Trey and Moe I lifted from Lisa's Facebook just so you can see how cute they are.

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Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Love the pictures. You are a wonderful and talented photographer, Lori. Love the "memory" lane narrative. And the wedding was absolutely perfect!