Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Odyssey: 2015 Edition - Part 3

Waterton Lakes National Park was stunning. Majestic beauty everywhere. The first day we spent there was cloudy and cool, but our spirits were undampened. We stopped by a waterfall that Conan and Cally stop to take pictures by every time they visit (I've forgotten the name). Then we headed to Waterton Lake for a picnic lunch. That may have been my favorite part. The picturesque quality was off the charts, and it was so relaxing to sit by the water skipping rocks and eating. Afton loved forging trails through the tall grass, all of the younger kids enjoyed the makeshift tree house just behind our picnic spot. There was a short cliff area just challenging enough to be fun for the older kids to climb up and just steep enough to make it somewhat terrifying to descend for those of us who harbor horror for heights. After the lake we went on a short hike to another waterfall with some beautiful backdrops and some more climbing around opportunities along the way. Next Grandma Jackie and Grandpa Devon met us for dinner, souvenir shopping, and ice cream (always ice cream). We stopped at one more scenic overlook right next to the Price of Wales hotel, then went home and cleaned up a bit before driving over to the small town of Cardston to watch their fireworks display for Cananda Day. It doesn't get dark there until about 10pm, so the fireworks didn't start until 11:00. While we waited the kids played on a nearby playground and we got some more ice cream (always ice cream).

Here is the photographic evidence of the majestic beauty...

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Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Oh - my - goodness!!! It is absoluely gorgeous!!! Wow, wow, wow!!