Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Did I mention the tooth fairy finally made her debut at our house?


Emma is 7.5 years old. She has been pining for loose teeth since kindergarten. Over the summer one of them at long last started dancing around in her mouth. She was so pumped she emailed her 1st grade teacher to tell her about it. She would daily request Scott or I to check and see if it was any more wiggly. It wiggled and wiggled for about two months. And then one wonderful night when all of the Barber-side relations were over for dinner and a family fireside, uncle David worked his magic. A veteran father of five missing-some-if-not-all-of-their-baby-teeth kids, he instructed Emma on specific methods to wiggle it more efficiently. She had made major headway by bedtime so he managed to get a good grip on her tiny little tooth and out it came! Their was much rejoicing in the house that night. Emma waited to put the tooth under her pillow until the next night so she'd have time to make the Tooth Fairy a card. It was fun. Just before bedtime that night, Emma mentioned, "I'm glad the tooth fairy isn't just your mom and dad and they just sneak in after you're asleep and put the money there. I'm glad it's not just that. That wouldn't be any fun." Ummmmmm, time for bed!

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