Monday, September 24, 2007

Projects (yes, completed)

I finally put some ideas into action.

First I sewed this little bib for Ben's kindergarten teacher, who's having a little boy any day now. (I used this pattern.) I know, nothing fancy, but remember, I'm a beginner.

I made these cute little thank you cards for Lydia's b-day gifts (it took forever to get her to hold her little hand still a minute).

The triplets' birthday is this week. For Sydney I made this shirt (heat-n-bond with a little zig-zag stitch, learned how here.)

And then over at Design Mom, this project jumped out at me, so I made Connor and Tanner each their own little journal/notebook (featuring photos of each of them with their favorite baby cousin).

Ahhh, so satisfying.


cally said...

so cute, so cute. you are on your way to stardom. I dub you, queen craftihood.

love it.

Bradster said...

wow, kinda makes our card with the chipmunk with a humorously large amount of acorns in his mouth and the inside punchline "Happy Birthday, Go Nuts!" look sorta lame. Thanks a lot pal.

Stahlemobile said...

You have officially made me want to know how to sew! (And that is no easy feat!)

Katie said...

love, love, love it!