Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Special Mommy Trip

This past weekend was an extraordinary treat. I took off with my sisters and two of our friends for an unprecidented four-day moms-only getaway to the beach.
That's how I felt the entire time.
The 8 hour drive flew by, with good company and no one to entertain but our own grown-up selves. At rest stops I didn't have to march three kids in and out of the bathroom and change a diaper in the van. There was very little to clean up throughout the weekend because five moms make very little mess. I got to sleep in as late as I liked (so I also got to stay up as late as I liked). For ten meals straight I only had to worry about feeding myself. Getting ready to head to the beach each day, again, there was only me to pack a lunch for, put sunscreen on, etc. I could not believe how tangible and vivid the difference was, not taking care of anyone else for so long. It was heavenly. Don't get me wrong, I love (love!) my job in the mommy force, but I cannot say enough for the benefits of taking some time off just now and then. I came home refreshed, renewed and ready.
We spent about 6 hours each of our two full days lounging on the beach, all of us reading almost the entire time. 
This may have to become a tradition.

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