Monday, February 11, 2008

Everyone hates being sick

Even worse than powdered milk is the sicks. The really sick stomach sicks have been dominoeing through our family in a most ruthless manner. First attacking our poor little Lydia, then a few hours later seizing Josh, then a few hours later merilessly hitting me. It was a messy and sleepless night for many in our household last night. But we are faring better today. I've been nursing a bowl of chicken-noodle soup for about two hours now and it's really done me good. Also good has been my good Scott who worked from home today in order to basically take care of us all and afford me many naps. Thank you, Scotty.


a housewife but not so desperate said...

Thank goodness for hubbies who can stay home and take care of us when we're sick!

Mandy said...

Yet you still had the energy to blog. That's dedication. What no pictures. Hope you guys are feeling better. Eldon never did get it so maybe there's hope for Scott.

Alice Wills Gold said...

I think you may have given it to cally who gave it to us...thanks! it's always a good thing to have a whole day in bed...even if you do have to puke the whole night before.