Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Man of Many Talents

Ta-dah! Josh received these awesome stackable robots from Troy and Dan for Christmas and they have been fun for the whole family. The box they came in had several examples of configurations for the robots, with varying degrees of difficulty. The top photo is an example of "advanced". The bottom photo is "expert". It is much, much harder than it looks to get these suckers to balance. Our very own Scott was the steady hand who completed these two amazing displays. Bravo!


cally said...

so, uh, what are they called and where do i get some. you know conan can't be outdone...by scott.

Alice Wills Gold said...

You almost fooled me into thinking that Josh was the man of many talents...I should know that Scott would have to get into the action.

I guess you know what to get Conan for his next birthday.

Maybe I'll get some for Valentine's for LG. He is always sad that he never has any boy toys.

Guess what I saw at Cracker Barrel today? Edible easter grass...cool..if it wasn't $2 a little bag, I would have gotten you guys some.

DailyFamily said...

Ok so this is so unrelated to your picture, but I don't have your email...tell me those tornadoes weren't anywhere near you guys and that you are all safe.


Cruze said...

Jeanne - no, nowhere near us! We got a pretty good thunder storm the morning after they hit western TN really bad, but that was all.

The shafers have moved said...

Wow, Scoot, wow!