Friday, June 27, 2008

Ben loves me

(Please excuse the picture quality, it's a digital snapshot of a photo in a frame.)
My friend Callie recently posted a tag she did about her son's cute answers to some questions about her. At first I thought I'd do the same thing with all my kids, but that could take awhile to get accomplished. So I thought I'd just copy down here the Mother's Day card I got from Ben this year. His teacher had asked him the same type of questions (all about me, his mom) and this is how it turned out:

"My mother is the most wonderful mother in the world. She is as pretty as a crystal! She weighs 30-40 lbs and she is 20 ft. tall. Her favorite food is crepes. When mom was a little girl she used to watch TV. I think she looks pretty when the house is clean. I know she is grumpy when she's mad. I wish my mom would let me have bubble gum. My mother likes to nap when she has some free time. I would not trade my mom for anything! Happy Mother's Day! Love, Ben"


Barnes Family said...

What an adorable post! I loved that and read it to the fam. "as pretty as a crystal" especially when the house is clean! hehe

Alice Wills Gold said...

It's crazy what kids come up with.

love the photo.

DailyFamily said...

That is so cute. I'm sure the 30-40 lbs is right. Save that card!