Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Lydia shenanigans

I failed to mention that Lydia learned to climb out of port-a-cribs (where she frequently sleeps when we're hanging out with family and friends in the evenings) a few weeks back. The first time was at the Langford's house. We had put her to bed in the port-a-crib as usual and went down to the basement to play some pool. A few minutes later we heard her crying, and went up to find her wandering around the main floor looking for us. After that night she climbed out her weekend bed only a couple of other times, then seemed to lose interest or forget she had the ability. No problem.
Fast forward to two weekends ago when Scott and I were helping out with our stake's Youth Conference. Scott's Mom, Kay, was graciously keeping the kids for us for the two and a half days we were tied up. Lydia had been sleeping in her port-a-crib in the office at Kay's house for naps and bedtime and hadn't caused any problems. Then the last day for her last nap there she decided to mix things up a little. After 20 minutes or so Kay heard Lydia knocking on the door. When she opened it up, what did she see? Lydia had climbed out of her port-a-crib and emptied out every single desk drawer onto the floor. She also found a black sharpie. (Sidebar: as Kay was telling us this story when we picked the kids up I was panicking more and more with every sentence, then when she said the word "sharpie" my heart stopped.) But, it turned out to be perhaps the best possible outcome for that scenario. Lydia had colored all over her feet, her sippy cup ("I write my name on it!"), and one calculator she'd found in the drawer. But that's ALL! No carpet, no furniture, no walls.
Close. Call.
So be warned, those of you who I may ask for babysitting favors in the future, you must keep your eyes on sweet little Monkey Girl at all times. If there is destruction to be had, she will find it.


Yo Mamma said...

That wild child of yours will never set foot in my house. It's too much of a risk. Adorable or no, I can't risk sharpie walls. Kidding. I'd take her, just restrained in a chair.

DailyFamily said...

What is it with Sharpies and little kids? I think they must have built-in sensors! Sounds a little familiar. tee-hee

Troy said...

I thought those were the upcoming dates of her future swim meets..

Alice Wills Gold said...

I can't believe it has taken Monkey Girl this long to figure out the bedtime freedom to be had.

Oh's like a cuss word for toddlers. Even if it was worse news, I am glad to know that Kay would have had NO problem with dealing with that one...the woman is a saint. I couldn't believe Cally's blog when she said she learned to set a Praying timer from Kay...Oh man, I have so far to go.

tiff said...

That's hilarious. All of my boys are monkeys, but it's endearing to see a little girl who can climb with the best of them.

tiff said...

P.S. Did I invite you to our family blog?