Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Baby Names

Thanks for all the name ideas...I can tell that all of you have a firm grasp on the type of girls' name that we're looking for: old fashioned, pretty, feminine.
There are many names that I really like but don't want to use. Either because they are taken by a close relative (Claire, Jenica, Julia (too close to Julie)), too similar to "Emma" (like pretty much any short name that starts and ends with a vowel: Ella, Anna), have nicknames I don't like (I like Elizabeth but not Lizzy or Liz), or are making a little bit too dramatic of a comeback (I love Sophia and Olivia, but worry about her being one of 10 in her grade growing up).
But like I said, these are all names that I think are beautiful, so many of them are not 100% out of the running.
I've had a list on my fridge for a couple of weeks. I keep adding new ones to consider and erasing the ones that lose their sparkle after looking at them for a few days or that have been 86ed by my handsome co-creator. I thought it would be fun to share this evolving list on my sidebar for awhile. (Feedback is welcome, but be nice...and no you don't actually get to vote.)


andrea said...

my sister's name is Elizabeth Rose but we all call her Rose. I think that's an old fashioned name that isn't popular? Maybe.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Of course you know my vote: c'mon for Alice...I promise to NEVER tell her that she was named after me.

I hated my name growing up, but I absolutely love it now...it's such a classic. And, it is making just a bit of a comeback...what you are looking for...Tina Fey named her daughter Alice, did you know?

Abigail is nice too. And we don't see you often enough to make that an issue. I also really really like Lucy...Bella was supposed to be Lucy, but my mom x'd it.

I like Jane, but I like it with something else...like SarahJane. Sarah is nice. I am really liking the C names because they will flow well with Cruze.

You can not do Maggie..it's just so Simpsons. Not liking Poppy at all either, but hey, what does it matter what I think? It's your kid.

But, c'mon, you haven't disappointed me yet.

What a fun post topic..haven't got this excited to comment in a long time.

How much do I have to pay you to use Alice?

JULIE said...

It's nice to see the list of names all together. Are you ok with Abigail being called Abby? That is one of the few nicknames I like. I keep going back to Lucy. I think because I can imagen Lydia being a Lucy. Oh, think about it: Lydia and Lucy-come on, that's too cute!

Jenica said...

If you like Jenica, use it! Growing up I never met another one. Now there are lots of them at Jonah's school. It still freaks me out when I hear someone else say my name and not mean ME, but I am getting used to it. And I would be glad to share the name with one of my nieces.
My favorite name is one from my family tree.... Lulu Adaline. One of my friends morphed it into Adalynne for her new baby. She could be named after her ol pop that way!
I agree Alice, this is a great topic.

Anonymous said...

What's the female equivalent of "Percival"?

Leslie said...

hi! my favorite names of yours, amelia, caroline & poppy. :)

they're all good ones, though. we seem to share name taste. have a fun weekend!

Alice Wills Gold said...

I already e-mailed about Clara.

What about Eliza? That really goes with both Emma and Lydia?

Alice Wills Gold said...

Oh and I think Lucy is one of my very fav's especially for the youngest....like on that TV show with the preacher dad...can't remember the name...Seventh Heaven??

But we know your child will never have dark curly hair :) Lydia is probably as close as you will get.

Still loving Alice! And LG said that we give you permission for Abigail...they would be so far apart in age, it would be o.k. the two times a year we actually get together:)