Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year from Monkey Girl

I resolve to do a little more of this...


(But I'd like to avoid the side effects...)



DailyFamily said...

That's too funny!

brad said...

Oh the humanity. I may need to put "child welfare services" on speed dial when i watch these. what's next, "lydia lawn darts?" :)

tiff said...


Random, but are your floors hardwood or laminate? We're trying to decide what we want to get for our main floor--resale value, or child resistance. I'd love your input.

cally said...


I got sick.

My favorite part..."yup".

Lori said...

Tiff, they're hardwood. The first couple of little dents were hard to swallow, but once I learned to accept them as part of the lived-in charm I don't even see them anymore.