Friday, January 9, 2009

Photo catch-up up from Christmas...

[The evening of the 23rd we celebrated Christmas Cruze-style. Of course this included lots of cousins, lots of food, and lots of Bingo. The Shafers made it down from New York for the festivities and we were all glad Grandma and Grandpa Daniels joined came to watch the kids open their gifts. (Rachel, Terry and Thomas were still on their way when we took this photo.)] [Josh's best gift was his transformers tent.]

[On the morning of the 24th our Christmas gift to each other was delivered. We've been enjoying our family dinners there and it's been awesome. We've also had some good game nights with its ample seating.]

[That evening we headed to Grammy and Grandpa's for the traditional Nativity and pizza/fancy drinks dinner.][Now that's one cute angel.]

[The morning of the 25th (and 26th, 27th, 28th right up through...uh, what's the date today?) was spent mostly doing this.]

[Just because Christmas was over did not mean the good times had to end. Brad, Susan and Andrew came to visit and we continued partying every night. This night we partied without the kids at Peerless.]
[Without all of the kids besides Afton, that is.]


Joel said...

nice table lori. where did you get it from?

DailyFamily said...

What a fun Christmas! Lots of cousins is always good.

I want to know what the fancy drinks are (were?).

Lori said...

Joel - American Signature Furniture. We've ended up buying from there for all of our real furniture purchases.

Jeanne - sparkling fruit drinks. There were four different flavors in big tall glass bottles. I can't remember them all now.

joelb said...