Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cross stitching at Grammy's

Over spring break Grammy invited Emma and Sydney over for a slumber/cross stitching party. Emma loves to do things with her hands and is getting better and better at it. (I need to share her knitting work soon.) This was the second of such get-togethers (of many, hopefully!). Practicing a new skill was great, and she had just as much fun staying up late and getting a break from all the boys/little kids around here. The next day the three girls headed to the Apple Cake Tea Room for lunch, a quintessential place for females to enjoy a meal. Thanks, Grammy!


Alice Wills Gold said...

Are my eye deceiving me....are those girls eating HOT DOGS at a tea room?

Oh no!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey-- ACTR is not just for females. I think mom used to take me there during visits from BYU!

Natalie said...

so i think that sounds like so much fun!