Thursday, August 27, 2009

The greatest invention of the 21st century

You heard it here first; if there is even a remote possibility a baby is in your future, run (don't walk) and get yourself a couple of these beauties. Squirt, the baby food dispensing spoon by Boon, Inc. is my favorite possession for the next several months. My sister, Julie, gave me one before Afton was born (mine is pink). I have raved about it so much ever since she started eating baby food that Julie kindly gave me a second. One is always in the diaper bag and one is always in the dishwasher. There is balance in the force. I am out and about with the kids so much, it is the best thing ever for on-the-go feeding. All of the food is ready, I can feed her one-handed while holding her, there's no baby food jar for her to kick or grab, it's awesome. Swim practices and meets, church, the ice cream shop, Natural Tunnel Stake Park, it goes where I go. Every single time I have used it (which is many), every single time people stare in amazement and ask where I got such a marvel. You can get one at Baby Bundles in the mall, from Boon's website, Amazon, and Walmart or Target online (but not in stores).
I am not an official sponsor of Boon, but if they would like me to be, they can pay me in Squirts.


andrea said...

funny and informative

Alice Wills Gold said...

i can't believe that you finally let the blogging world in on your almost hands free feeding technique.

Now, if we could just figure out how to get the babies to use the spoon by themselves??

Natalie said...

message received lori. thanks.

cally said...

I totally agree.

I want a baby just so I can have one.

Not really.