Thursday, January 14, 2010

Still sewing

From weeks ago. I forgot to ever take photos of Emma's bag for her piano music/books. She picked out the fabrics.

I finally made myself a good long apron. I've been hankering for one of these bad boys for some time now. Take that, messy cooking!
P.S. Remember how I said I might post some of my 2010 goals so as to try and hold myself to them? One of my goals is to open an etsy shop or start a new blog with stuff for sale. eek. Stay tuned...maybe for a long, long time. I'm giving myself till the end of the year to do it. And at that point my new goal will be not to be too embarassed if no one wants anything.


Laura said...

I love that bag and apron, and I will want stuff from your shop! I use to have a goal of learning to sew for real, not just make up stuff. Instead, I think I will change my goal to buying more stuff on etsy. It's a lot easier, and our goals can be compatible!

andrea said...

I love your apron fabric! I used that on a laundry bag for my little sis.

Awesome goal!!

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

I almost missed that little "light-colored" PS - what a great idea. I'll buy from your shop! I love the piano books bag and apron. Please tell Emma she has very good taste in fabric. Did you take a pix of the eye glass cases?

tiff said...


I knew you had to do Etsy sometime!