Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend #2: The Family Photo Comedy of Errors

Easter morning we woke up, got dressed for church and tried to get a nice shot of the whole family all dolled up. As tends to be the case in these types of endeavors, we left it till the last possible second and were quite rushed. Here are our attempts, in chronological order:
{Mmm, yeah...not all of us were ready for this one. Also, notice right away that I did not take the time to clear our background of clutter. Or really, to figure out a better background. Or to notice that one side of Josh's collar is tucked in and one it out and the bottom of his shirt is not tucked in at all. Or to wait until Afton was in a good mood--thus the paci. But don't worry, we'll take lots of shots in our three minutes till we need to leave! One will turn out great.}
{Oops. I forgot to turn on the timer.}
{So close! Afton, leave Dad's face alone!}
{So close! Emma, open your eyes!}
{Oops again. You mean you have to push the timer button every single time?}
{So close! Lydia!!}


Natalie said...

so cute.

Laura said...

ha ha. how fun. you all look very nice and eastery! the cutest family!

julie said...

I love how you posted them all-brings to mind so many experiences!

lisa said...

I started feeling anxious dejavu while scrolling down..."you guys, if you'll just all smile at the camera it will be over soon".

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

How's about a little photo shop to make one perfect picture of those six? Or just put little black dots on Emma's closed eyes in #4 - voila! And actually, that last one is darling just as it is. Really---I like the coy-ness of Lydia.

Troy said...

I forgot the exact mathematical equation (it's been years since Math Team), but after 4 kids, doesn't the probability of a perfectly timed photo approach a number close to zero?

I vote for combining these in photoshop:
Scott/Lori: photo #6
Emma: #5
Ben: #4
Josh: #6
Lydia: #3
Afton: #6

joelb said...


btw, is ben really taller than emma as these shots suggest? (or do they?).

Sarahie said...

I think they are all beautiful! You have a sweet family.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful family!!

I've been thinking of you guys a lot lately and missing either a "sit on the grass talking while kids play on the playground" conversation or a "late night on the balcony" talk.

Happy Easter!