Friday, April 30, 2010

Track Meet

Once each spring the county puts on a track meet for our 3rd-5th graders. Emma was cool and skilled enough to get picked as one of her school's athletes. What event? Why, the sack race of course. (I heard they are going to add it to the 2012 olympics.) She sort of wished she'd been able to do a running event, but was glad to at least be counted among the sporty 4th graders and miss almost a whole day of school to boot. She didn't win--she was somewhere near the middle of the pack--but she didn't fall down or give up.
The days surrounding the meet were warm and sunny. The day of the meet was rainy and freezing. Freez-ing. I wore a jacket and I wished I'd worn full snow-gear and brought my own fireplace. I sent Emma in her team t-shirt and some shorts and oh-you-might-want-to-grab-your-fleece-too-I-think-it-may-be-a-little-chilly. Luckily Mom and Dad lent me their super huge umbrella so Emma and her friend and I stayed (relatively) dry during the first hour while it rained. Here are Emma and Caroline staying mostly dry:

Here is Emma at the starting line (short, center of shot, yellow bag):Texting Scott after the event to tell him all about it:


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Ah, so much could be said about this post, but I'll just say that Emma is the most beautiful girl and these pictures prove it. Even soaking wet, she's beautiful. Glad she had such a fun day being part of the meet. Congrats, Emma, on making it to the county meet!

Troy said...

Is that Emma's own phone? What is the age-of-first-phone these days?

i remember being humiliated by Sharon Miller in some track meet like this.

Lori said...

Oh no, not her own phone...just mine. I don't know what the magic age will be, but it's not any time soon.

lisa said...

Way to go sporty Emma! Are those arm warmers you are wearing?

Alice Wills Gold said...

Yeah Emma. Abigail did the sack race in 3rd grade. She fell down, but got back up and still stole away 3rd place if I remember correctly. It's an exciting sport. Keeps a mom on the edge of her seat.

We are excited for our track meet next week. Hopefully we will have some better weather.

I'm interested in what you did to keep Emma warm all day.

joelb said...

way to go, emma.

btw, those sacks don't look like regulation burlap. i guess she's still too young for that.

Nanette said...

How cute! I'm so impressed that she didn't fall! I'm also impressed with your phone--I'm still in the flip phone age :)