Thursday, May 27, 2010

Newest family hobby

Super uncles Troy and Dan recently gifted all of their nieces and nephews with this book. It is awesome. We are hooked. Emma and Ben have been scrutinizing the pages (often together with their cousins), making notes and guesses and imploring me to look up interstate numbers and state mottos. We are filled with distress as more and more numbers are found and we may miss our chance at digging up real treasure. We're desperate for a clue pointing to east Tennessee.


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

This looks like a FANTASTIC book!! OK, Troy and Dan, how did you ever even hear about this book? I can't wait to visit one of the grandchildren and see the book in person.

lisa said...

sydney said: that sounds like one pretty cool book!

joelb said...

so did you all read this posting on the official site friday?

i was thinking sometime after we talked, that there are several rest stops near the utah border and we could just try a brute force approach. also, could the 1 and the 84 be combined to milepost 184? there's a rest stop there on US-30.