Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So embarrassing

I am, that is.
To Josh.
In Target.
When halfway through our trip my flip flop breaks at the between-the-toe part and I am forced to alternate between trying to grip that part with my toes and kind of shuffle along but the whole thing keeps awkwardly coming off making progress very difficult and simply taking it off so I can walk quickly (being sure to hold it as visibly as I can so hopefully people will understand why I'm only wearing one flip'd get it, right?).
Josh let me know the whole time that I was really embarrassing him.
I was embarrassed too. I felt very conspicuous.
Lydia (riding in the big part of the cart) laughed and took her shoes off too, tossing them to the floor for Josh to retrieve.
What would you have done?


lisa said...

from sydney: honestly i would have just, well just make sure to carry Duck tape in your pures for now on you never know when your going to need it.

Laura said...

ha ha. Is it wrong to laugh at your pain? At first I thougth that I probably would've hobbled to the shoe aisle and found a new pair to put on and paid for them after. But then the kids would probably be confused as to why you are putting on shoes you haven't bought and you'd have to get scissors to cut those darn tags/rubber band things off. Plus what if a target worker thought you were shop lifting? Scandalous. Sighhh. I have no ideas.

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Funny Lori! Who would have thought a six-year old could be embarrassed by anything?! :)

As for me (at your age) I would have taken both flip flops off and gone barefoot and not even been embarrassed. Really.

Troy said...

Sounds like a dress rehearsal for tweendom.