Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Candy for sale

One day when the Langford kids were over someone got the clever idea that they should empty out the treat-jar and create all new confections. Behold: The Candy Pyramid (giant smartie, life saver, somethings green (?), topped with a skittle), The Flower (a skittle smashed by a regular-sized smartie), and The Powder Pop (dum-dum covered with either a starburst or gum drop, sprinkled with crushed smartie powder and topped with a skittle). Mouthwatering! Then someone was even more clever and suggested selling their homemade candies. Julie bought a couple when she came to pick up her kids and I think Josh bought one as well. This was about a week ago, but don't despair! There are some leftovers still. Call for pricing or wholesale inquires.


joelb said...

love the flower.

did they wash their hands before smashing?

Troy said...

I think I saw those desserts at Coi recently.

Jessica said...

Ah! That's what it looks like! Ben was trying to describe The Powder Pop to me a few days ago. Very cool!