Monday, December 20, 2010

Leading up to Christmas (the rest of the hints that it's close it's close)

We put the tree up. Right after Thanksgiving like we always do. We did not have a chance to trim it for about a week though. That did not stop the kids. They found plenty of things to decorate with.

Okay, here we go...the real deal. Afton loved putting the ornaments on more than anyone this year. She would race to put hers on the tree and race back to me while I unpacked them from the boxes asking for "Nother one? Nother one?"

We went over to Dillsboro NC on a rainy Saturday with all the Cruzes for hot chocolate, and quaint ornament shops and candy stores (the latter of which featured music and singing-a-long which got us in the spirit).

The Cruze women swapped cookies. It was delicious. I didn't win this year. That's okay, I wasn't trying to (but look out in 2011).

Santa came to preschool.

Afton and Trey shared a birthday celebration. Two and eighteen. 

Followed by the annual nativity pageant with all the [edit:] local Barber cousins. The cast is seriously cute.
And finally, our milk is good until Christmas's practically here!


Jeanne said...

cute! Love it all!

Laura said...

What a lovely time!

That is so funny about the milk. I kid you not that I looked at our milk this morning and thought "Dec 29th! It's our Christmas milk. Only a few more days". Ok maybe not those exact words but you know what i mean. ha ha.

I can't believe Afton is 2!!!

lisa said...

But is there a student i.d. turned into an ornament on your tree? I found an old one of Trey's and was seriously tempted.

Troy said...

Where can i get one of those fabulous skull ornaments?

Kay said...

Merry Christmas Lori! I have enjoyed sharing some of those moments with you. EEE

joelb said...

"...with all the Barber cousins..."
not true! all the Barber cousins are actually doing the nativity at our house on friday :)

btw, are you planning to leave borderline milk out for santa? risky move.

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Just back from Utah (Dec 29) and I'm enjoying reading all these older blogs. Love this one!! The pictures are GREAT! Sounds like you've had a lot of fun during the days leading up to Christmas. I love the photo of your milk!!! Funny and appropriate.

PS ~ I also loved everyone's comments. I'm still lol.

Brad said...

Joel: Yeah that'd be bad if Santa had to use your bathroom on Christmas Eve. Imagine Cindee Lou Who discovering Santa on the John...