Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More on Afton = two

Two years old. (Sporting supla-cute outfit from Troy and Dan.) When do we have to stop calling her our baby? My mom still calls me that. So I guess never.

She used to say her name like "At-dee." Now she says "At-don." I want her to still say At-dee.

She says "Oh, I'm sorry" all the time, in the correct context or not.

She gives kisses. Oh so many kisses.

Her favorite thing is baby dolls.

She got this little baby bed for her birthday. Grandpa Cruze made it for Aunt Rachel when she was little. Rachel only has a little boy, so she wanted Afton to have it. At-dee loves it.


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

These pictures of Afton are fantastic!!! Such a cutie and a natural model. Love the darling outfit (from Troy and Dan)and love the darling baby-doll crib (of Rachel's). What a precious two-year old---ummm---baby. Yes, she will always, always be your baby. (unless #6 is on the way):)

The Borden Family said...

Happy Birthday Adorable Afton!

joelb said...

happy birthday, afton.

my youngest now growls at anyone who calls him baby. and his anger is just adorable!

Jessica said...

Happy Happy Birthday At-dee!
{By the way, Ben's still the baby. It seems to be okay with him. Not that he has a choice, really.;)}

Laura said...

Awww Happy birthday sweet At-dee! She is sooo beautiful and sweet. The dress is adorable. What an awesome present too!

lisa said...

I think I called Tanner, Connor and Sydney "the babies" until kindergarten. Baby Afton forever!