Monday, September 27, 2010

It's been a long time since a tag...

Scott's cousin, Sarah, called me out. She has been blogging every single day for the last seven months--usually about something she is grateful for. I'm always grateful for her positive attitude and ability to see the wonderful in the regular. Her post for day #188 was a taggy-game. She answered some questions, then made up some of her own to pass here it goes:

1. What specifically has made you feel happy today?
Today? The rain. The 70 degree weather that came with it. Family Home Evening. Mario Kart challenge (the FHE activity of choice).

2. Are you a morning person or a night owl? 

3. If you had/have free time, what would you/do you spend that time doing? 
That's the problem with free time. There is always such a long list of things I'd like to do that I waste half my time deciding. The short list would be sewing or reading.

4. What is your favorite breakfast?
Pancakes. With real butter and real syrup. As many as I can eat. (I remember having a contest with Brad once when we were little. I think he won, but not by much. We both made it well into the teens.)

5. You are alone in the house. No one is watching. You are listening to your favorite music. What kind of music is it? Are you singing along? Are you dancing? Remember, no one is watching.
Singing/dancing like crazy, sounding/looking much better in my mind than in reality.  The kind of music changes all the time. The Avett Brothers are our new favorites.

6. What have you never tried but really want to?
Hmmm, making a quilt? Is that a lame answer? Being an Amazing Race contestant (better?).

7. Do you have a favorite holiday? If so, what is it and why?
Well, of course Christmas. Family togetherness.

8. What is the most recent thing that someone has done for you that made a difference in your day?
Last night when we were at my sister's house Scott put all of the kids to bed and handled the call-backs while I ate dessert and stayed on the couch. I love him.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hoops for Hope

Have I ever told you how awesome my nephew Trey is? Truly, wonderfully awesome. He is the oldest Barber cousin and we couldn't ask for a better example to forge the trails of growing up for all his little cousins and sibs.
Two years ago for his Eagle Scout project he invited the TN Vols and LadyVols to come and play basketball with with kids from DSAG (Down Syndrome Awareness Group).  Hoops for Hope, he called it. It was a smash hit. A slam dunk, if you will. Everyone asked if they would be able to do it again, and a three-years-and-counting tradition was born. The event got bigger each year as they fine tuned the event to include a silent auction, a raffle, an autograph session and as much fun as you can cram into a high school gym. Trey even had a few promo spots with local tv and radio news shows. I didn't take many photos and the ones I did take were pretty bad lighting-wise, etc. They give you an idea, though...

Brad films Trey doing a quick channel 10 interview:

Handing out t-shirts:

The players run through a vol-high-five gauntlet before each game:

New slam dunk record is set:

Monday, September 20, 2010

Leisurely breakfast

Breakfast tastes better when you get to eat it at your own pace. Even if it's just cheerios. That's reason #46 why I miss summer.

P.S. Emma was still asleep this day while everyone else was eating. A breakfast eaten late in the morning because you got to sleep in may be the best of all.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Guess who's four?

There are a lot of September birthdays in our extended family. (Eleven, to be exact.) 
One of them is Lydia's. 
Lydia was born a week overdue. 
She was worth the wait.
Lydia is our only dark-haired and (relatively) tan-skinned kid. 
Lydia is a song-bird. 
Lydia dresses up pretty much every day.
We love her deep voice.
Lydia is persuasive, using rock-solid logic and assuring head-nods. 
Lydia has some of my favorite facial expressions. 
Lydia loves fun. 
And pigs. 
And ice pops. 
And play-doh.
 And stamps. 
And cupcakes.

There was exactly, precisely one thing that Lydia wanted for her birthday. For weeks (months?) there was only one answer she gave when I asked her what she might like. It was the same answer every time...
"A rainbow clown wig."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One more about Emma

Without any prompting or assistance at all, Emma started whipping up these little bags for silly band storage and selling them at school. (I'm so proud.) Then she turned herself into a walking billboard by making the sign for her backpack. She currently has more orders than she can keep up with (homework comes before sewing, you know). I keep telling her she should up her price.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Safety Patrol

Yes, there she is. The very essence of safety and patroling for safety. She now reports to school extra early and maintains order in the cafeteria among the breakfast-eaters. Look how sweet and helpful she looks. She's more than willing to assist you in opening your milk or to get you a napkin.

But I warn you now, do not cross her. If you feel a desire to start yelling or start a food fight, LOOK OUT.

Because she means business and she is not impressed with tomfoolery. You do not want to mess with that.

Where does she get her authoritative prowess?

That's right! Me! The original patroler of safety! When kids at school saw my acid wash pleated jean shorts, frizzy perm, and huge glasses they swallowed their gum and sat up straight. I mean, come on, wouldn't you?