Monday, March 28, 2011

Quilt top completed

Here's the quilt I'm working on now. I used the last of those three Amy Butlers plus one Erin McMorris (from the garland), then filled in with some odds and ends I had stashed. I ended up going to get some bone colored solid to break up the beautiful patterns and for the back (still in progress). I went with rectangles in the same height, but random widths...because it seemed just a baby step above an all-squares quilt. But now I'm thinking it was a little easier because there were no corners to line up. Mmm, although I'm not really sure how the rows got off kilter, but that will be easy enough to even up later. I plan to quilt the whole thing with long vertical lines. I'm not sure yet how far apart I'll put them. I think really close together (like 1/4 - 1/2 inch) would look good, but that might take the rest of my life to do. We'll see.

Pink thread? Light brown? One of those fancy-pants color-changey ones maybe?

Plenty of time to decide, I probably won't even get back to it for weeks. The top is the most fun part.

P.S. Double-posted at amme and neb: the blog.

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lisa said...

Looks great so far Lori, you are so talented. The only quilter/knitting sister :)