Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We're building a fort - part 3

Last Saturday was dumpster day. One of our favorite people has a waste management company, so we were happy to give him some business. The kids were very impressed when he dropped it off in the morning. ("I didn't know Brother Martin could drive a big truck like that!") Here's the cleared part of the yard and the huge pile of yard waste, cinderblocks, miscellaneous trash and scrap metal that we found in our little woodsy area:

We spent many scratchy, dirty hours loading our big pile into the dumpster. The abundance of rain this past week left the ground soft and sloppy. This was great for pulling vines and roots out of the ground and digging up stumps. Also great for those who enjoy worm-finding and making mud soup. Everyone's a winner. No photos of the work in progress, we were too dirty and busy. But here's the dumpster at the end of the day:

Here's what I loved about this day:
We were all together all day long. Time and time again a large tree was stuck in the pile, and we would have to pull together to get it free. Amidst singing the Wonder Pets song ("What's going to work? Teeeeeamwork."), we were able to highlight the need to help each other, the fact that our family is stronger when we're united. We had a good discussion on capacity when Josh was feeling bad about himself because he didn't do as much work as Scott. Everyone labored with an eye toward a larger goal that will be realized far in the future, they're learning to focus on outcomes/consequences that are not immediate. We had fun.

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