Friday, August 26, 2011

Having had so much fun you made a movie out of it: Boating Edition

It's all about who you know. We're always glad to know the Langfords and Sextons, even when they're not taking us out partying on their boats. But we like them extra when they are.

{First half: fun in the beautiful sunset. Second half: battle royal.}


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Love, love, love the movie!! I especially enjoyed the children's battle royal. You really captured all the emotions of the "battle." Perfect timing with the music throughout the entire movie. Good job, Lori!

PS ~ It was fun to witness it in person, too. Also, loved the ending shots of Tanner and Claire. Actually, I could comment on almost the entire thing, but I won't. :) Maybe just one more: Josh bouncing up and down on the tube. Great. Gives me belly laughs when I watch it.

julie said...

you've out done yourself again, Lori! How much for a copy?

So, now we know... Claire is the champion....of the world.

lisa said...

Wow! I LOVE IT! Tanner posing at the end is my favorite. It still amazes me that there were no tears/injuries during that battle! (: