Thursday, August 4, 2011


When I posted about our beach trip this summer I was still in just-get-that-post-up-there-quick-so-I-can-get-ready-for-the-next-thing mode. I slapped a few photos up and gave no thought whatsoever to a writeup. I've regretted this since, as I left out a key detail and feel a bit like a jerk-face.
It just so happens we went with the Sextons. The wonderful Sextons who we love to share beach adventures with and feel so grateful to have been invited by. We played a hundred games of Dominion, caught crabs after dark, rocked out on the deck while watching fireworks, enjoyed sand and surf every day but the one that it rained), and my favorite part may have been the bonding of Lydia and Trey ("Trey and I are becoming really good pals. He's my bff.")
We love going on vacation with families we love.
Afton holds to Lisa for protection from the ocean.

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Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Ahhh. I know I say it all the time, but I love the picture of Afton and Lisa. So sweet!

And hooray for Sextons! They are, indeed, most generous in sharing the beach house with family and friends.